10 Best Mini Tiller Reviews – Perfect Tillers For A Small Garden

Tilling the soil is necessary for preparing it for cultivation and planting. Tillers help in breaking hard compact soil into loose soil which helps improve aeration and water retention. They also loosen the ground under top soil. Mini tillers are used for small gardens which do not occupy a large area. Given below are the … Read more

6 Best Southland Tillers Of 2022

Southland has a wide variety of tillers which can be employed for different purposes. If you are looking for a specific kind of tiller for your garden, Southland is sure to have it. The tillers have a good range of tilling widths and depths along with good tine configurations. Many of them also have counter … Read more

6 Best Poulan Pro Tillers Of 2022

Poulan is one brand you should definitely keep in mind before buying a tiller. Poulan Pro tillers have gained recognition for their tough and resistant designs which can handle the toughest of soils. Poulan Pro tillers can be used by both amateurs and professionals. Their tillers also cost less compared to other popular and well … Read more

6 Best STIHL Tillers Of 2022

Although STIHL may not be the biggest power equipment brand, it definitely does play when it comes to high quality equipment and power tools. STIHL tillers are famous for their unique design and versatile features. Their tiller series includes both light duty and heavy duty petrol tillers. You can even get a tiller which is … Read more

6 Best Honda Tillers Of 2022

Honda tillers have made a name for themselves in the market due to their functional design and durability. They have sufficient power and are capable of both light and heavy tilling. They make valuable additions to your garden tool collections. They have both expensive and inexpensive options which you can choose according to your budget. … Read more

6 Best Earthquake Tillers Of 2022

Earthquake is a well known and reputed brand which sells outdoor power equipment. They are popular for their wide range of tillers including mini tillers, front tine tillers and rear tine tillers. Earthquake tillers are well built and constructed with plenty of functional features. They have proven to be very effective at all kinds of … Read more

10 Best Weed Puller Of 2022

Weeds are inevitable and would definitely grow wherever there’s an exposure to sunlight and water. You’d notice them in and around your vegetation, sidewalks and even creeping through edges and cracks. And it’s a tough job to get rid of them, once and for all. But you can prevent them from growing again and again … Read more

10 Best Cordless Tillers For Hassle-Free Tilling

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, you’d understand how difficult it is to prepare your soil for planting and cultivating. Though there are several methods for tilling and preparing your soil like the famous eco-friendly lasagna gardening method and manual tilling using a shovel or hoe. But most of these methods require plenty of time and … Read more

10 Best Hand Tillers – Perfect Manual Tillers For Your Garden

Manual tillers are a great and cheap alternative to electric or other gas powered tillers. Many manual tillers are ergonomically designed to minimise stress and strain. They work better than typical spades or shovels. These tillers can be used for tilling, weeding, uprooting and many other purposes. Given below are the best manual hand tillers … Read more

How To Till A Garden Without A Tiller

Tilling helps breaking the soil to make it airy and fresh. This also works best for uprooting unnecessary weeds and mixing amendments into the soil. But using an electric or gas-powered tiller is harmful for the already dreading environment. It can also make your soil compact and eroded over a long period of time. Traditionally, … Read more

How To Adjust Carburetor Of A Mantis Tiller

If you know how to care for your Mantis tiller, you can easily keep it running  for several seasons. Most of the tillers come with a manual and DVD which provides the user with necessary information that is required for safe working and continuity of the tiller. Tillers with small engines don’t support adjustments since … Read more

Best Craftsman Rear Tine Tillers

Rear tine tillers tend to be larger than other mini tillers. They are generally used for professional tilling in cases of large garden plots. They have heavy duty tines which offer a considerably deep tilling depth. Craftsman rear tine tillers are easy to operate and have good power efficiency. They also have large wheels which … Read more