About Joseph

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping at Tiller Advisor. This is Joseph Stevens here and I started this blog to help fellow gardening enthusiasts like me to look for the perfect garden cultivator.
I grew up in a rural countryside in Missouri and used to spend a considerable amount of time helping either my father on our corn farms or my mother with her small vegetable garden. My love for gardening was inborn and I knew early on, the importance of a good tiller.

A good soil determines your plant growth and is the single most important part to determine good vegetation. Therefore, every gardener worth his salt knows how necessary land tilling is before any plantation. Tilling can literally make or break your garden, depending on how efficiently it is done. Many people consider tiller necessary only for a large patch of land, but I would like to enlighten them on how wrong they are! Whatever be your garden size, a good tiller would be much more efficient than any manual work. Trust me, the results you would get with a gas powered or electric tiller would be ten times better than all your manual hard work.

I shifted to a new house last year with a comparatively smaller garden but unfortunately, broke my old tiller during shifting. When I decided to buy a new one, it was easier said than done and I had a tough time looking for the perfect tiller for my new garden. After spending many hours on Amazon and browsing different sites, I was finally able to get a tiller to suit my gardening needs.

I was surprised by the vast number of tillers available in the market, because it had been quite a while since I last needed a tiller. To help people like me narrow down their choices, I decided to start TillerAdvisor.com. If you have any questions regarding tillers or any gardening doubts, do drop a comment. Suggestions are always welcome and I hope this blog helps you to find your ideal tiller!