VonHaus Electric Garden Tiller Review

The VonHaus Tiller is another great machine within the wide range of electric tillers available in the market. The perfect companion for grooming your garden, this electric tiller is the right machine to break down those hard pieces of earth and aerate your land to give plants the right amount of moisture and soil environment to grow within.

With an extremely powerful motor of 850 Watts which gives a great tilling width of 12.5 inches and a depth of 8.5 inches, this machine has become popular amongst hobbyists for its great endurance and performance on small areas of gardening land.

Main Features

  1. The steel tines are highly durable and have got extra sharpness at the edges to provide a smooth finish of the work.
  2. This machine can be maneuvered around easily using the two handles which have been designed to be highly ergonomic and provide stability during movement.
  3. The weight of just 21 pounds is one of the most attractive features of this tiller. The light weight makes it easy to be used by people of smaller stature by making the movement comfortable.
  4. The rotational speed of 380 rpm provided by the powerful motor is exactly what is required to finish the job of levelling the ground and turning over the soil at the right pace.
  5. The dimensions of 41.7 x 13.7 x 38.1 inches makes it require very less storage space and hence, can be tucked away into a corner after removing the handles which take even lesser space.
  6. There are no safety issues attached with the machine, as it has got a precautionary protection switch to cut off the motors to ensure that the blades are not damaged in case of any mishap.


  1. The machine offers the same power as that of those gas-powered tillers, but without the added hassle of having to deal with the smoke, gas issues or noise which comes around with them.
  2. It has found to be workable on almost all types of land, and even obliterates pieces of cement and rocks. Even though extreme clay cannot be guaranteed upon, quite a good amount of clay is definitely worked upon.
  3. The assembly of the tiller is also an easy job and takes 15 minutes at the most with the help of the clear instructions in the manual.
  4. It does not cause bend breaking work which is generally the case for both manual tilling and gasoline powered tillers.
  5.  The wider tilling width ensures that a greater surface area can be covered when it is moved along the pathway. This reduces the time from days to some hours.

Tips for Easy Handling

  1. The light weight of the tiller can make it jump backwards when it hits an extremely hard part of the land. So, it has to be held firmly in place to prevent the jumping.
  2. Moreover, since there is just one speed for its working as well as wheels which cannot be adjusted as compared to the gas-powered tillers, getting a comfortable pace of this machine comes with a little bit of practice maneuvering it around.
  3. Remove the weed and vines which get tangled within the blades at regular intervals for an efficient output and also to prevent the motor from getting overheated due to strain on its blades.
  4. A great tip to make the handling of clay easier by the tiller would be to wet the clay before using the machine to loosen and level it.
  5. If the clips which hold the cord in place are found to keep coming off constantly, try zip ties instead which are found to be more effective in holding the cord tighter in place.
  6. To prevent excessive bouncing due to its light weight as it moves forward, move it in the reverse direction by pulling it towards you for greater stability and ease of movement.

Price/Cost Considerations

This particular model of cultivator is available readily on all major online shopping sites within a price range of $100 to $130. The low price is what makes it one of the most preferred tiller amongst the multitude of electric tillers available in the market. They are shipped within a nice small package which has then got to be assembled according to the user manual which is included in the package. An electric cord of required length has to be bought additionally through which the tiller is collected to the power supply and will be able to reach every corner of your garden.

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