Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller Review

The Earthwise TC70001 is an electric tiller which is a great alternate to the gas-powered tillers being used by most hobbyists for perfection in their gardens.

The TC70001 tiller is perfect monster to pulverize the soil into little bits and push over the soil to ensure the right amount of aeration and moisture content for the plants to be growing in. A great cutting depth of about 8” and a width of 11” is provided by the four steel tills which beautifully push into the ground and roll the earth over.

More Features:

  1. The 8.5 Amp motor is powerful enough to push into quite hard balls of earth (except excessively huge amount of clay which has got to be worked into a little bit before letting the machine do the job) and reduces manual labor from hours to minutes.
  2. Assembly of the machine from the package is quite easy due to the well jotted instructions. It can take just about half an hour at the most to complete the assembly.
  3. It is available in the grey color. The shade is such that it has a level of attractiveness in it while the dirt doesn’t show much on it.
  4. One of its best features is that it works throughout quite noiselessly compared to those noisy gas-powered tillers which can ruin the calmness of the garden where some quiet time is spent.
  5. The light weight of 22 lbs. and the adequate height make it perfect to be moved around by people of light stature. It works quite effectively when it is pulled towards one’s self than when it is being pushed outwards towards the land.


  1. It has been found to work amazingly well with all kinds of soils and rocks, with even some types of clay soil being broken down by this efficient piece of a machine.
  2. The zero-emission tiller has got a convenient electric cord for its power supply and a truly sleek design with a modernistic outlook.
  3. Unlike other electric tillers available in the market which have got two handles to push around and result in straining of the shoulder, this model has got a complete handle so that it can be pushed around by placing our arms on the spot of our comfort.
  4. The machine has got wheels which flip up and down and offers a 320 RPM idle speed of the tills making it the powerful tiller that it is.
  5. The product is designed with a comfortable interface such that it starts working once the button is switched on and the handle bar is pressed while it stops once the lever is released.
  6. The narrow width provides the added advantage of being able to till around between rows of land and other narrow stripes within the premises, which are usually not accessible by larger tillers.
  7. This product is certainly a great shift towards a cleaner and fumeless environment from the gas tillers which can account for bend breaking work while also leaving the air smelling with fumes.
  8. Storing of this small but all-powerful tiller is also quite easy as it takes up very less space within the garage.
  9. The maintenance is also easily as it can be easily water washed after being worked through.

Tips for Easy Handling:

  1. The grip on the machine should be stiff as the light weight can make it buckle and jump out if it hits a solid clamp of earth as it tills. But with practice the machine can be held in position and will till down the material in a matter of minutes for you.
  2. Even though vines can get tangled as we till along the land and bog down the unit if not removed after a certain amount of time, the good spacing between the four tines make it easy to remove it and then continue using it.
  3. To avoid overheating issues, the right cord has to be used while tilling through the land.

Price/Cost Considerations:

 Here comes the price, which is one of the greatest deals which can ever be found. For a price of $111, the powerful machine will be online delivered within a nice small package which has then got to be assembled.

The product comes along with gear oil which does not have to be used for the first two years. The product has got a warranty of two years, making it a great buy, though it is usually found to work way more than the warrantied period and provide a good life time.

All in all, this is the perfect buy to get great value for a less price while making the process of tilling totally easy and fun to carry about in the company of the TC70001 cultivator.

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