GreenWorks 27072 Tiller Review

The GreenWorks 27072 tiller is one of the best electric tillers available in the market in terms of perfomance. This powerful machine works perfectly in a wide range of soil types to prepare the earth in the best possible way in small lawns and gardening areas.

This product has got the added advantage of having an adjustable tilling width from 8 inches to 10 inches as well as an adjustable tilling depth of upto 5 inches to adjust according to the type of environment and the plants that are to be grown in it. All these features guarantee this to be the perfect companion for gardening, weeding and mushing up the soil in preparation for the planting season.

Main Features

  1. This GreenWorks Tiller has got a powerful 8 Amp motor, which is the reason why the tills can easily tackle even the most difficult type of soil like the wide varieties of clay that it encounters.
  2. It has got four 8 inch steel tills as compared to the two tills found in many tillers being used today. These strong pieces of metal ensure that the work is done efficiently.
  3. The tines which rotate at a speed of 150 RPM in the forward direction can dig upto 5 inches straight and deep into the ground, which is perfect to weed and prepare the land for planting.
  4. The light weight of about 30 pounds makes it very easily maneuverable around the length and breadth of the land for people of all physical statures.
  5. With dimensions of 15 x 15 x 33 inches, it has also got an adjustable handle bar and is available in a single color i.e. a shade of green. The front wheels have gotten a diameter of 7 inches.
  6. It has got the approval of both the UL Safety Listing as well as that of the CSA Safety Listing.
  7. The additional cord lock which is present ensures that the cord remains connected and intact in place.
  8. The convenient push button is pressed to get the machine going.


  1. Being an electric tiller, this machine does not have the usual issues associated with gas powered tillers like the awful fumes, loud noise and back breaking work to get on with powering it around. Owners will no longer have to worry about oil or gas refills and can contribute to a cleaner environment with this green machine.
  2. The adjustable width and height of the tills make it perfect to work on a variety of soils and land areas. The width can be reduced for narrower strips usually between rows of land while increasing the width is a better option to cover a wider area.
  3. The tubular handle made of steel is much more comfortable to push around due to its ergonomic design and doesn’t strain the shoulder like the two handled models found in many electric tillers used today.

Tips for Easy Handling

  1. Make sure the cord stays out of the way while moving the machine by clearing its path before pushing it forward.
  2. To ensure that is occupies less storage space, just remove the handle bar or resize it so that it occupies very less space within your garage.
  3. If the instructions on the manual are a little challenging to understand, just look at the pictures which are quite self-explanatory and work on assembling the tiller, which would at the most take just 30 minutes.
  4. Keep removing the wines and leaves at regular intervals which can at times get stuck in between the tills and slow down the machine while also heating up the motor.
  5. If the machine is found to buckle or jump, just move it forward at a faster pace to continue tilling uniformly.
  6. If the land is found to be too hard to till, just wet it a little bit before using the machine on it for tilling.

Price/Cost Considerations

The price is quite an offer for the great value which it give backs in return. On most online shopping sites, this machine is available in a nice range from $100 to $145 with a quick and efficient delivery in a small package, from which it has got to be assembled.

There are also various options wherein for an additional $12, a three year warranty can be purchased with the amount for a four year warranty being $18 on some major online sites. The cord for connecting to the power supply has also got to be bought with the tiller.

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