Earthquake MC43 43cc Mini Cultivator Tiller Review

The Earthquake MC43 Tiller is the right choice to make if you are looking for a tiller that serves multiple needs of your garden and that operates without electricity. The adjustable blades of this tiller, make it possible for you to handle those tricky edges around a plant or a spot that you don’t want to be ruined.

Also, a major difference in the design and functioning of this tiller is that users have the option of manually controlling the speed of the tines and therefore overcome other constraints such as the width and depth of tilling, etc.

Main Features:

  1. Adjustable blades bring in a new feature to this machine, that is, its varying width. Since the set of blades can be detached, using only the inner set of blades provides a tilling width of 6 inches, and using all the four blades provides a tilling width of 10 inches.
  2. Also, in many of the standard tiller designs seen in the market, a power switch is provided to start the motors, as in the case of electric tillers. But, the functioning of this tiller is totally different. There is a power switch provided over the engines, but switching it on turns on the engines, not the blades. In order for the blades to rotate, there is a throttle switch provided at the right handle which powers the blades at different speeds.
  3. This machine uses gear mechanisms for controlling the different speeds of the engine. The concept is pretty much similar to that of vehicles that we use in our daily life. The gear shift is controlled by the amount of pressure, a person applies on the throttle switch provided on the handle.
  4. Like mentioned earlier, this tiller is the right machine for a complete remake of your garden. The main reason behind this, is the set of accessories that comes with this tiller. Other than the set of blades, there are two more accessories with this machine, i.e. “EDGER” and “DETHATCHER” kits. Among these, the EDGER kit can be used for trimming the edges and borders of your garden, and the DETHATCHER kit can be used for removing the unwanted layers of dead turf-grass from your garden.
  5. Also, usage of fuels in engines of generators and tillers lead to a high amount of polluted air. Therefore, to contribute in maintaining and conserving the environment, many of such tillers need to be compliant with the rules and regulations of California Air Resources Board (CARB), and this tiller also follows the same.


  1. Maintenance is the easiest part while using this tiller. The set of four blades attached to this tiller can be removed easily, and the design of these blades make it much easier to clean the blades separately.
  2. In the category of tillers powered by a fuel engine, the cubic centimetres (cc) is an important measure for the amount of fuel intake and hence the power produced by the engines effectively. The displacement provided by the engine of this tiller is 43cc, which is the highest in this class of tillers of this brand.
  3. The type of fuel used in this engine is a mix of gasoline and engine oil in the ratio of 50:1. There are other variants of this product which use fuels like propane, etc., but the use of gasoline in a higher ratio makes it more economical compared to other types.
  4. Both the left and right handles provide very good grip during the tilling process, and helps in controlling the direction of the tiller with much ease.
  5. Also, talking about engines, the type of engines used in such tillers is also important. There are other types in this class of tillers that provides a 4-cycle engine, but this tiller has a 2-cycle engine with a higher displacement value. In more simpler terms, the loss of fuel is much lesser in the case of a 2-cycle engine, and the amount of power produced is much higher for the same amount of fuel.

Tips for Easy Handling:

  1. Well, this tiller provides multiple functions for easily maintaining every part of your garden. To begin with, if you are looking to plant and till a piece of land, the set of two or four blades come in handy. Further, you have the option of using the additional kits for maintaining the edges of your garden, and for trimming and keeping your garden in the perfect shape.
  2. Also, to further control the depth of the tillage, a depth stake is provided in front of the wheels, which you can use to adjust the depth in three different positions.

Price/Cost Considerations:

This tiller is sold in the price range of $140 to $190 by different retailers and online shopping websites. Although there are many electric tillers and several tillers in same category that come at a lower price range, the fact that this machine carries the best displacement engine in its class justifies the cost.

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