Southland SRTT196E Tiller Review

Southland has released another one of its efficient products to help out gardeners with grooming their prized possession in the best way possible. Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller works to plough and tine away at the land perfectly to our satisfaction.

The SRTT196E is a powerful monster which can totally change the landscape by tearing over hard rocks, turning over any kind and type of soil and digging deep into it while also thoroughly aerating it with minimal effort. It does require some amount of strength to make it work, but it is really efficient in cutting through the roots for a total land makeover.

Main Features

  1. The counter rotating tines have got a maximum tilling depth of 11 inches and a maximum tilling width of 18 inches to completely turn over the soil over a wide area according to the range of land to be covered.
  2. The 13 inch pneumatic wheels are heavy duty making it easy to move the tiller over any kind of land terrain from, rocky to sandy and also to transport it from the storage to the work area.
  3. A powerful 196cc OHV (Over Head Valve) four stroke engine drives the complete powerful system to do thorough work in a less amount of time.
  4. The greatest feature in this machine is that both forward and reverse tilling is possible in the gas-powered system through the use of the forward and reverse lever.
  5. The dimensions of the machine are 18 x 120 x 44 inches and it weighs about 196 pounds. Thus, making it suitable only for people above a certain stature.
  6. The tiller is equipped with a single speed for movement and hence can go over the land with a smoothly and does not require gear changing.


  1. The tines used for tilling are self-sharpening and so the hassle of having to remove the tillers manually for sharpening is not present and does not have to be worried about.
  2. It is quite easy to start the machine due to the manual recoil start assembly in the tiller.
  3. An adjustable tilling depth as well as width through the use of the depth regulator lever provides the user control over various types of lands and areas to be tilled upon.
  4. In addition, it has got a warranty period of two years and follows the CARB regulations.
  5. The assembly of the tiller from the package is very simple and can be done by following the well-ordered instructions in the manual. At the most it can take about 30 minutes to put it together.
  6. The foldable handle bar is ergonomically designed for comfort and provides a great place to hold on to during the work. The removable handle has got an adjustable height which is the best feature about it.
  7. The gas-powered tiller starts on the first pull itself and is guaranteed to not have any kind of leakage issues.
  8. It can be maintained very easily and cleaned up with ease after use.

Tips for Easy Handling

  1. Make sure the engine is engaged to move the wheels as they are locked in when the engine power is cut off and hence, cannot be moved manually.
  2. To unlock the wheel, you will have to take the cotter pin off from the wheel spindles and push it in as there is no neutral mode.
  3. Though it works through even wet clay soil type, its performance is seen to be the highest on a flat terrain.
  4. Vines can get tangled around the tines, so keep removing them from time to time for efficient output from the tiller.
  5. Also lock the bolts tight during assembly so that they don’t fall and get lost in the soil during the process of tilling.

Cost / Price Considerations

The SRTT196E has an unbeatable price range for its wide range of functions, which is why it is preferred against its counterparts within the market.  It can be found from $550 to $580 on majority of the online sites which sell gardening tools.

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