Mantis 7250-00-02 Electric Tiller Review

The Mantis 3-speed electric tiller is a lightweight and compact electric tiller that isn’t as messy or as bulky as the conventional gas tillers and it delivers a powerful performance without any emissions or noise. This silent beast packs a powerful 3-speed, 540-watt motor that breezes through sod and stubborn surfaces to give the desired results in an efficient and hassle-free manner.

The 3-speed motor of this machine allows the user to select different speed mode for different purposes like digging, cultivating or weeding. Its strong and durable blades can till up to 10 inches deep and 9 inches wide. The depth provided by this tiller is easily one of the best Tiller in the market and the blades can be flipped to suit the needs of precision weeding up to a depth of 2 to 3 inches. Its compact design and foldable handle bars make it really easy and convenient to store or transport this machine. Its unique transmission design delivers powerful performance on the go with easy maintenance and handling, as it runs on electricity and doesn’t require any usage of fuel or gas.

Features and Specifications:

  1. Powerful 540 watt 3-speed electric motor: At the heart of this machine is a powerful 540-watt motor that comes in 3 different speed modes for different purposes like digging, cultivating or weeding. The motor delivers powerful performance without any significant noise or vibrations and it is definitely a cleaner alternative to the traditional and messy gas tillers. The motor starts instantly with the push of a button and cuts through most of the surfaces easily to give the desired results.
  2. Compact design and light bodyweight: At a meagre 21 pounds, this machine is extremely lightweight and compact in design. These factors impart great control and maneuverability to the tiller on uneven surfaces. Its compact design allows it to reach narrow spaces where other bulky tillers can never reach and takes up less storage space and is really convenient to transport from one spot to another.
  3. Patented and reversible blades: The strong and durable tines of this tiller can offer a tilling depth of 10 inches inside the soil and they provide a tilling width of 9 inches. The blades are extremely durable and come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer for all kinds of breakage or damage. The tines can also be flipped over to get a tilling depth of 2-3 inches and this helps a lot in precision weeding and it also comes handy in loosening the soil around seedbeds.


  1. The main advantage of this tiller over the other machines available in the market is its electricity based operation and hence it is a lot less messy and less bulky than the conventional gas tillers. There is no requirement for any kind of fuel or gas and it starts instantly by just pushing a button. There’s a throttle provided in the machine that prevents accidental startups and the tiller starts only when you squeeze the throttle.
  2. The Mantis Electric Tiller is known for its sturdy and durable blades that come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The curved blades offer precise tilling and reach over raised beds and narrow patches. No other tiller in this price bracket offer a depth up to 10 inches. The blades can be flipped over to assist in precise weeding of depths up to 2-3 inches.
  3. The other advantage this tiller has over the other machines out there is its compact and sturdy design that can help in tilling narrow corners and raised beds. The handle bars can be folded to store the machine conveniently in a small space. Due to the light bodyweight of the machine, it is quite easy to maneuver the tiller without any significant noise or emissions.

Tips for easy handling:

  1. One persistent issue with this tiller is the throttle feature of the machine. The throttle needs to be squeezed in order to start the tiller and the machine remains running only till the throttle is kept pressed. So, the throttle needs to be kept pressed for the entire duration of tilling. It is advisable to use some kind of improvisation on the machine by using a clip to keep the throttle pressed. Alternatively, the throttle can be fixed with a tape to keep it in the started position. The throttle feature is added mainly to prevent accidents and the user may improvise as they deem fit.
  2. Apart from the normal cleaning of the blades, users can apply some lubrication for optimum results. It is also advisable to use an extension cord with the machine to use the tiller over larger areas and away from the power source without any hassles. The cords may tend to tangle a bit and may get between the feet of the user so using a clip to contain the cord effectively might be a good idea.

Price/Cost considerations:

The Mantis 3-speed electric tiller is available for $377.02 with free shipping on Amazon and it can also be bought from other e-commerce websites for around $300 to $400 with different offers. There are a couple of additional attachments like Border Edger and Kick stand so that the tiller may be used for a multitude of tasks in the garden. The tiller with all these attachments costs about $482.08 on Amazon. The overall price of this setup hovers around $500 and is quite economical in that aspect. Bottom line is that this tiller is a well-rounded machine and it is worth buying this product in the given price bracket.

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