Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Tiller Review

Sun Joe’s TJ600E Tiller Joe Garden 14-Inch 6.5-amp Electric Tiller is an idyllic tool for a hassle-free planting process. The best part of this tiller is its durable blades, less weight and a switch to take care of sudden starts. It is quite lightweight and can be stored easily.

This tiller by Sun Joe turns the planting process into an easy one as it effectively deducts dirt from the soil and therefore helps in the planting process. So, in case you want to turn a piece of land into a garden, this tiller is the tool that will assist you in making sowing process much more uncomplicated.

Main Features

  1. The blades of this tiller are effectual on 14-inch ground and the motor has a capacity of around 6-1/2 amp.
  2. A switch to avoid sudden starts and big handles to make the overall handling of the tiller secure. The weight of this tiller is 17 pounds which makes it easy to move and its folding devise feature helps in securing less storage wherever you put it.
  3. There are four blades made of steel on the tiller to make the whole process resilient and to impart maximum action.
  4. The tiller comes with a warranty of two years, therefore if any defects are found within the warranty time, it will be replaced.


  1. First of all, the four-sturdy steel-blades of this Sun Joe Tiller are made in a way that they slacken hard soil. While using it, the tiller implements its effects on a 14-inch space, making the action of dirt cleaning and planting quite simple.
  2. The next best part is its strong motor which has electric devising. You can just focus on planting rather than pondering about batteries, gas or oil.
  3. The tiller is lightweight and therefore you can carry it from one place to another in an easy way. Furthermore, the assembling of this tiller is also simple as you have to put merely two screws and bolts to make it use ready.
  4. With its powerful motor and easy to carry weight, this tiller works wonderfully for small spaces and flower beds planting.
  5. This product has easy joining handles which acquire less space and helps in storage.

Tips for Easy Handling

  1. To begin planting, till this product 6-10 inches in the soil, try to shovel the dirt, repeat one more time, afterwards till all the soil simultaneously and then you can plant.
  2. While assembling the tiller, make sure to put all screws as per the instructions, and then start the planting work. Furthermore, the tiller has a switch that ensures safe working to avoid immediate starts that happen sometimes when you are using the tiller on hard soil.
  3. You will also require a cord to connect the tiller and a cord reel will also make the process quite effortless.

Price/Cost Considerations

Looking at various websites, the price of Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe Garden 14-Inch 6.5 amps Electric Tiller/Cultivator ranges from $89.99 to $139.99. Along with the different prices, the warranty period also varies, so you need to keep a tab on the same when you are choosing this tiller. The average Price of this tiller can be calculated around $100 and it is quite easy to implement as compared to other conventional tiller designs, high-power lawn tillers and other similar products for tilling.

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